Divine Disorder – Children of Menace

So this afternoon I entered facebook like usual looking for local music news for my page(Operation Music Awareness Kuwait) when I came a cross a new Kuwaiti-based extreme metal band “Divine Disorder”. I mean how awesome is that?

There was something surprising about that band though…
Former Positive Poison Keyboardist “Darkvain” is Divine Disorder’s Bass / Orchestration.

So I got a chance to ask him few questions:

Q1: The whole band existence was sudden, when did you guys form the band and worked on your materiel?
Ans: since ever positive poison stopped 2010, early 2010

Q2: When did you start writing the songs?
Ans: since ever

Q3: Where did the band name come from?
Ans: emmm, lets see, that’s complicated actually. Azurayl came up with it. Resampling the illness of those people who believe themselves as gods. Or powerful like gods. Those they think they have connections and authority over other people.

Single Title: Children of Menace
Release Date: May 23, 2012
No. of Tracks: 2

Tracks titles:

Children of Menace


The single is absolutely amazing! Children of Menace  is an amazing song, I specially liked this section 1:48 to 03:02. I love the violin in the intro of Code:Red track. You have to download the single and give it a listen to know what I’m talking about.

Download single Click Here!

For more information:

Follow: @divine_disorder  || Like: Divine Disorder || Official Website

One thought on “Divine Disorder – Children of Menace

  1. Awesome single, though I’m not into Death Metal per say, but I really appreciated the hard work done the single quality and music wise and hopefully there is more to come.

    Excellent job dudes.

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