My Trip to Dubai


Yesterday I went to Dubai with my brother for the day.

First we went to the Beach plaza center, there was this awesome store there called Silver Lake


If you’re into toys and hobbies I totally recommend that you go and check it out. Also if your looking to get someone a cute gift Silver Lake should be your destination.

After that we had Lunch at Manga Sushi Restaurant I’m an Otaku so I was happy just seeing the restaurant…






Those were some pictures of the restaurant and the table where we sat ;p.
I have to say the food there was so delicious…
We ordered:
-Lobster Nest and Fried Calamari for Appetizer.
-Otaku and Rainbow Maki Rolls.

P.s: since the food was so delicious I forgot to take a picture of the appetizer.

-Seafood Ramen for Main Dish.
-Luffy and Leychee drinks.



After that we went to Dubai mall

I got some manga from the best bookstore in the world Kinokuniya.


Then went to virgin magastore since I miss it from kuwait.


After we did some shopping it was time for cake… And what’s a better place to go than Hummingbird Bakery!!




We got these cakes and… The carrot cake. Best carrot cake I’ve ever tried in my life.


Even Danbo think this carrot cake is to die for!

We stopped by Blue Dragon and I got Gaara of the sand figure.

Later that day we went to Emirates mall, and had pancakes from iHop.


Then stopped by Geekay for some video games.


For me this is my idea of a perfect day… January 4th, 2013 is a day to remember.

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